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Technical Support

Lights, Camera Action! We are familiar with the Hollywood saying, but have you ever thought about what it means or how it affects what you see on the big screen? An intimate meeting for a few, or opening ceremonies for 8000 - don’t let the technology scare you, let it help make you a success

When you are putting on an event – large or small, make sure that you include the technical elements in your plan. All too often, events fail to meet their objective due to shortcomings in the technical aspects.

An event has some very basic technical considerations. The participants have to HEAR what is going on, and must SEE what is happening. Outside of that, everything is secondary!




PA Systems
Without the right sound system, everything that is said will be lost. The best speech in the world is worthless if no one can hear it. Proper microphones, amplifiers and speakers are required to ensure that you message is clear and intelligible. Nothing takes away from a presentation like the screech of feedback, an annoying echo or wordsssssss losssssst to a poor ssssssound ssssysssstem.


If you want to be seen, you need to be in the light. Lighting helps to draw attention to the speaker. A speaker on a stage behind a podium simply fades into the background. With a little bit of lighting, they become the centre of attention – before they even say anything.

Lighting helps set the mood and atmosphere for an event – soft and sombre, bright and colourful, subdued and relaxed or wild and crazy!

Put it on the BIG screen. Display your new corporate video, website or DVD on a screen large enough for everyone to see it. Crowding around a computer monitor or a 27" colour TV is NOT the way to present your best image – unless you are presenting to a very small group of people, and your don’t mind really getting "up close and personal!"

Stage And Set Design
Make sure that you present the right image. The faded wallpaper in the local hotel ballroom does not enhance a gala awards banquet. Integrate some creative set pieces, decorations and props to create an event – not just a happening. Come up with a theme and use it throughout the event – not just as the logo on the poster!

It’s your event. It’s your reputation. It’s your corporate image.

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