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Just as the technical elements required to make an event successful do not "just happen", either do any of the other elements just happen. From delegate registration to guest speakers, from hotel negotiation to meal planning, and field trips to entertainment, you must pay attention to the details. If you don’t your event (or your budget) will suffer the consequences.

Our associates have the experience and expertise to help ensure that your event will fly. From conferences with international delegates, to award and incentive travel with international destinations, make sure that you are prepared for all of the aspects that may arise.

If your next event will be coordinated by someone who does not do it all of the time, will they be able to pull it together? If a marketing resource, administrative assistant or part-time employee are tasked with the upcoming event – something may suffer – the work they normally do may suffer as their attention is on the event, or the event may suffer due to lack of experience. We can work with your staff or under contract to produce your event – from the initial concept to the congratulatory handshakes at the end!

It’s your event. It’s your reputation. It’s your corporate image.