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A script – the document that clearly sets out who does what during the event.

From the words spoken by the Master of Ceremonies, to the cues for lighting, music, and on-screen graphics, everything needs to be documented. From the script, the stage manager or producer is able to ensure that no detail is missed, and that all of the participants know and understand their responsibilities.

Since timing is so vital to a successful presentation, the script ensures that everyone knows when they will be required.




Typical Script

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our awards ceremony tonight. Let’s welcome our first winner in the sales contest, Ms. Sally Redmond.

(Sally comes up on stage)


Our Script

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our awards ceremony tonight.
Light Cue #14
Audio Cue #7
Walk-on music
track #3
Corporate logo slide

Let's welcome our first winner in the sales contest, Ms. Sally Redmond.

(Sally enters from audience)

Light Cue #15
Motorized room lights for winner entrance

Podium lights down

Stage lights up

Audio Cue #8
Winner Music
"Go For It!"
track #6

Winner slide sequence

Winner photo #1
Winner photo #2

Winner name

Presenter for next award, John Allison at Stage left for entry

The Weinstein Group not only assists with preparing the script to make it dynamic, but we also integrate all of the other elements to make sure it looks great on stage. No pauses, no delays – just a smoothly flowing sequence of events.

It’s your event. It’s your reputation. It’s your corporate image.

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