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Training Facilities

As business changes, so does the need for training.
Employees and customers need to be kept up to date with the latest techniques, procedures and developments.

An effective classroom enhances the learning experience and results in higher productivity. When participants are unable to hear the instructor because the room does not have an adequate PA system, or cannot see the on screen visuals because the screen is the wrong size, and in the wrong location, the value of the training exercise plummets. How long can YOU sit through a seminar where you can not hear or see the content – Why bother?

Most of us have been in bad seminars but it may not be the seminar that is bad. The presenter is destined for failure if the facility cannot support his or her requirements.




The Scenario
A company decides to improve customer service and loyalty by offering on-going educational seminars, complete with hands on training. The product the company manufactures is fairly complex with many different components. They decide to do the training in the cafeteria.

The Problems

The light coming in the windows of the cafeteria serious washes out the images on the projection screen. The screen, quickly setup by someone from marketing or HR (whoever happened to be available) is crooked and placed in a corner of the room. The video projector is placed quite close to the screen resulting in a small picture that does not fill the screen. The presenter (a real product expert) decides to just "speak loudly" so they won’t need a microphone. The customers think the seminar idea is great – and about 60 people show up!

The Solution
If it is not feasible to have a room dedicated for training, it is possible to set up a multipurpose facility, as long as the specific needs of the trainer are met. Install a permanent screen in the ceiling. It can be retracted to keep it clean and out of the way when it is not in use. It should be positioned in a way that optimizes the image. Stay away from windows – they will silhouette the presenter and draw they participants eyes away from the screen. Install the video projector in the ceiling where it will be safe, clean and secure. It also means that the image can be optimized for the screen. Consistency is a good thing! Make sure everyone gets the same quality of presentation – time after time. A simple wireless lapel microphone and the proper speakers will make sure that everyone present for the training session will hear the message. Wouldn’t you rather be answering questions than repeating yourself because someone could not hear you?

The Result
Customer loyalty goes up due to the value of the presentations. They are not distracted by AV equipment that is hastily setup and does not work. They see that a commitment has been made to the customer. This system saves frustration for the department that is charged with AV equipment setup Many companies do not have this resource available full-time (if at all) and this room can be used on a moments notice – without any last minute calls to "the AV guru" for help.

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