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6 Misconceptions of AV

All too often, permanent audiovisual installations
are plagued with the same recurring issues.
The Weinstein Group offers a seminar for architects,
building and facilities managers, interior designers and others
involved with new construction and renovation projects.

Find out why it is important to think about AV systems at the beginning, not the end.

Discover how to save hundreds or thousands of dollars by involving an AV design company during the planning phase.

Determine the appropriate types of equipment and systems that are right for the project. Just as the HVAC engineer will make sure you are warm and cool when you are supposed to be, the AV designer will make sure your equipment is up for your challenges.

Identify what you need now, and how to plan for what you want in the future.

How does furniture affect AV – and vice-versa?.

In an open style seminar, an experienced AV professional will present these misconceptions and help to clarify them. With experience in both design and installation, the presenter speaks with real life experience. The format is informal and encourages questions and discussions. Knowledge is a very important part of the seminar – we want you to leave with the knowledge required to contribute to the audiovisual systems in the new or to-be new facility.

Contact the Weinstein Group for information on seminar dates and details. Private and corporate sessions can be arranged.

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