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AV Boot Camp

Do you make presentations?

Do you depend on any audiovisual equipment for the presentation? Slide or video projector, microphone, VCR?

Have they ever failed on you?

Are you uncomfortable or unsure of dealing with this equipment?

If the answer is yes, the answer is AUDIOVISUAL BOOTCAMP.

The idea is not to turn you into a "roadie" but to arm you with the basic troubleshooting skills to give you the confidence you need to either prevent, or deal with equipment problems.




Equipment Basics
We will take you through the basic operation of a wide range of AV equipment. Everything from a microphone to a video projector, an overhead to a PA system and we’ll even touch on some laptop computer skills too!

Operation & Setup

Once you understand the basics of the equipment, we will teach you how to set it up – quickly and painlessly. We will then show you how to use it – including some tricks for improving your presentation. (Ever wondered why there are SOOO many buttons on those remote controls?)

Booking & Ordering

If you don’t own your equipment and need to rent it from your local AV Rental Company or hotel, we will help you understand what to order. Find out what you need (and what the company may tell you that you need). Order with confidence and know that you are getting the right products and paying the right price. We will also help arm you with the questions to ask regarding setup, delivery and support.


You are standing at the podium, you start to make your first statement to welcome the attendees and no one can hear you. Don’t panic (well, don’t panic for long). You can delay the program, call for help and screw up your schedule and agenda, or you can take a deep breath, think back to Boot Camp and confidently take a look at the situation. We will show you the most common system problems and how to quickly correct them. We believe that the user – usually with not much more than just the flick of a switch, can solve 80% of the problems!

If your job is the presentation, don’t let technology interfere. Just as someone taught you to drive – and now your car is a simply a tool to get you where you are going, The Weinstein Group AV Boot Camp will teach you how to get the most from your technology tools and let you get on with business.

A seasoned AV professional with years of experience in the AV industry, as well as training experience teaches the Weinstein Group AV Boot Camp.

This is a hands-on course with opportunity to touch and setup actual equipment.
This is not theory – this is the real world!

Contact The Weinstein Group for information on seminar dates and details. Private and corporate sessions can be arranged.

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