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Effects Rentals

Use your imagination, or ask for ideas.

There are lots of special effects just waiting to be used for an event.

Make sure the effect is right for the event – and then have fun with it!

For fun, tranquility or good luck, a bubble machine fills the air with bubbles – great for setting a mood of tranquility at a trade show. Also a great attention-getter!

Mystery & magic are portrayed with smoke. It can be used to obscure something (or someone) from sight.

Enhance lighting effects – see the beams of light (just like headlights on a foggy night). Coloured beams help as decoration or background. Instead just seeing the pools of light on the wall or floor, you can actually see the light – from the bulb right to the floor.

Dry Ice
A fog "thick as pea soup" is used for the classic "witches cauldron" effect. It is easily coloured with lights and stays low to the ground. Walk or dance on a cloud!


Celebrate an accomplishment with streamers. Small paper squares, glittering confetti, or long streamers can be shot out over the stage or audience as a grand finale effect!

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