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Indoor Fireworks

Fireworks Indoors? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

A wide variety of special effects and pyro-technic devices can be used to really make a point!
Unlike outdoor display effects with which most people are familiar, indoor effects can be used in much closer proximity to the audience.

Indoor fireworks are a great way to launch a new product, introduce a new addition to the staff or to celebrate great news.

When the president announces that the company has just completed the largest sale
in it’s history or that you have finally completed ISO certification,
wouldn’t a burst of fire and colour be a great way to celebrate?

During the unveiling a new product for buyers during a launch program, fireworks will definitely help build excitement!

When the wedding couple walks into the banquet hall, a shower of stars can mark their entrance,
and when they have their first dance, they can do it in front of a curtain of multi-coloured sparks, sprays and jets of stars.

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Outdoor Fireworks

Just about everyone loves fireworks. There is something about the spectacular colours, the sky brightening flashing and the heart stopping thunder that draws us to fireworks displays.

Unfortunately, fireworks displays are sometimes only thought of for the traditional occasions – Victoria Day ("the May Two-Four") and Canada Day.

Outdoor display fireworks displays can take place throughout the year to help celebrate your event with a BANG! With a variety of pricing and display options, it is likely more affordable than you may think.

Think about the following events that could include some fireworks…

Corporate picnic or celebration (receipt of a major award or accomplishment)
Public festival (i.e. 100th anniversary of founding of the city)
Special event (i.e. music festival or sporting event)
Weddings (i.e. couple leaves for the honeymoon under a thundering canopy of stars)

What most people don’t see behind the scenes of a professional fireworks display is the setup and preparation of the mortars, and the launching of the shells – they only see the beauty in the sky.

All details of the display are looked after, including, site inspections, by-law and fire department approvals, and insurance. Displays are fired by fully licensed, qualified and experienced pyro-technicians.

Ask us for ideas - the sky is the limit (literally!)

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